Thursday, May 3, 2012

Window Treatments

Window treatments are statement pieces. They set the mood and impact how we feel in a space. Comfortable, breezy, elegant, formal, unusual...whatever the style, they are an important element to the overall design of a room. Window treatments help to insulate interior rooms from the cold, create privacy, absorb sound, and help to protect fabrics and floors from sun damage.

White sheers set against the bright green walls and green print shade create a breezy and fresh feel to this space.
British Homes and Gardens

Can you say romance? These floral prints in reds and pinks set the mood for love in this room.

The simple lines and texture of these window treatments help to create a contemporary yet warm organic feel to this room.

 Love, love, love the bold statement that these shades make! They succeed at creating an elegant and intense focal point
Elle Decor

Bright print drapes keep this room simple, fun, and energetic.

Lace is elegant and creates a vintage style without feeling dated.
Country Living

Round top window? No problem, clever way to dress a window.

Historical or period homes sometimes require something other than an upholstered look. Raised panel shutters are a great way to honor the timeless age of a home.
Old House Online

These window treatments play up the casual cottage appearance of this space.

Understanding what type of window treatments you need, selecting your fabrics, custom designing your window treatment, and proper installation can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. Let us help you navigate the process and design the right solution for you.

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