Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tips for a great tablescape

Last month, nikkiMdesign had the honor of designing three tables for the 2014 Lewistion Tour of Kitchens. In the spirit of summer and all the parties that come with it, we have put together a few tips to help you create beautiful table settings for any occasion. 

Tablescape Tips:

White dishes are classic
You cannot go wrong with white dishes!  They create the perfect backdrop for any tablescape from the very simple, understated design to an elegant, formal setting. They can be used by themselves or paired with other dishes for beautiful color combinations. 

nikkiMdesign uses white dishes paired with green and brown dishes to create a simple, geometric design for this tablescape.

Engage all of the senses. 
Use candles or cut fresh fruit to fill the air with a pleasant aroma before the meal is served, set the mood with appropriate lighting and music, incorporate our sense of touch by using different textures with your linens. 

A Grass Centerpiece. 
This is an easy and cost-effective centerpiece and it can be done anytime throughout the year, however you do need to plan for it ahead of time. Fill your container bottom with some gravel and then some potting soil. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil and then apply another thin layer of soil. 
Place the container in a sunny location and water. Within a few days you will start to see the grass growing. Allow for at least 2 weeks of growing time to get the best length. Embellish your centerpiece with candles, flowers, note cards, ribbon, or just leave it be. For added texture and color, plant the grass in a clear glass container. Growing grass centerpieces is great for the winter blues as well...it's nice to see green grass in the house in the middle of winter. 

Mix your centerpieces to create different heights. 
Mix tall and short arrangements to create visual intrigue. Always remember to keep the centerpiece as an accent to your table and be sure that when your guests are seated they can see each other. Want to raise up a centerpiece item just a little bit? Stack some books, or turn a bowl or plate upside down and use that as a stand. 

nikkiMdesign used a small white bowl to "lift" up the charger and plates in this romantic vintage tablescape.

Remember, the centerpiece doesn't always have to sit in the middle of a table. You can move it to one end of a table or create two arrangements at opposite ends of a table. It can run linear down the center of a table, or perhaps to one long edge of a table. Rather than one large centerpiece, you can create smaller arrangements that sit in front of each plate setting. It is always a nice gesture to place a small arrangement on each place setting as a gift for the guest to take home with them. 
Use what you have. 
Shop your home. Look at what you already have on hand and use it in your tablescape. This is a great way to be frugal, eclectic, and bring some personality to your table. Vases, baskets, books, photos, frames, canning jars, artwork...the sky's the limit for what you can use in a tablescape. Don't forget about your backyard. Go outside and grab some sticks, stones, or cut some plants/flowers for a quick and natural tablescape. 
nikkiMdesign uses old Ball canning jars to plant herb centerpieces in this nature themed tablescape.

Dress up your napkins.
Don't forget about your napkins! An easy way to make your tablescape pop is to find interesting ways to tie your napkins. Vintage pins/brooches are a great way to wrap your napkins in style. Looking for a cost effective napkin ring? Try cutting a toilet paper roll into smaller widths and wrap them with fabric. Click here  for a DIY Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Ring tutorial by Jinnie Templin.

Fabric stores. 
If you can't find the right color or pattern for your napkins or runners in a store, head to the fabric store. You will have a larger selection and more control over your design. 

dining chairs wrapped in burlap fabric and tied with a stem of leaves.
Keep your table functional. 
If you plan on eating at or using your table for anything else other than a display, be sure to leave the appropriate space so that people are comfortable. You don't want your guests to have to move items out of their way or knocking things over because they don't have enough room. 

It isn't just about the dining room table. 
Tablescaping can be done on any flat surface. Don't forget to scape your dressers, desks, coffee tables, end tables, etc. Have fun and be daring!

nikkiMdesign romantic, vintage tablescape

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