Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Two weeks ago, I gave notice to my employer. As of last Friday, I embraced my new profession as a full-time artist and stay-at-home mom. The idea is very foreign to me because I have always worked outside of the home. 

The plan is for me to purue my interests in art and illustration while being home with "the baby" (he is six now but I still find the need to call him that, I guess I'm not ready to admit that I'm getting older :-P) and manage the home.

I'm elated and terrified all at the same time. I have dreams of success--a career in art, my artwork being published, illustrating books, participating in art shows and art fairs and a schedule that works for my family. I have fears too. What if I'm lonely? What if I can't find work as an artist? It's exhausting to think about all of the possible failures that are lurking out there waiting to get me. 

This blog will be evolving as well. It will be more personal, journaling the ups and downs, successes and failures. 

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