Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Focus: My Life Through the Lens

The simple things in my life that remind me of just how precious the world around me is... 

I sure am busy this summer. The hubby and I have decided to take advantage of the low interest rates and purchase a new home. We LOVE the home we have now but it is in the city and we are both ready for some country quiet. I forgot how exhausting the whole home search can be. Every night we have been out at appointments looking for a home or searching online. It is so exciting to be life jumping again and to be doing it with such an amazing partner! 

Facebook Scrabble with hubby. Psst, got a good word you want to share with me?

Date night, movie and dinner with hubby. The movie was okay, dinner was good, but the company was out of this world! ♥


Visit to our local Kenmore Library. The interior has been redesigned and Parker gave the remodel two thumbs up! 

Kenmore Branch, Kenmore New York

wine + crocheting = happy nikki

One commission project completed. My dad made the frame for me. He is the best! This sign was to be painted in a similar style as an Amazing Grace sign that she purchased. She loved it! :)

Restoration job with Doris and Heather B. Job required a color match (the hardest part), stencil cut (which turns out was unnecessary) and some free hand painting to "fill in" the missing pieces. 

Struthers Library Theatre, Warren PA


During and After
Doris Collins and Heather Benson

nikki M

I bid on some commission art jobs and got them. Little did I know they required me to know Adobe Illustrator. I have been taking crash courses online to learn the program. 

Look! I made clouds, a sun, and mountains with the pen and pencil tool. :)

and check out my awesome corn on the cob that is partly finished, yeah, I know it looks a little weird...but cute!

Made a boat with Parker. He was sailing the high seas all afternoon!

Casey turned seventeen this month. 

Tony Pepperoni, Amherst NY

50 Mile Garage Sale, Route 90, New York.

Look at that, I even got a smile from him. Miracles do happen. ♥

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