Monday, July 9, 2012

Focus: My Life Through the Lens

The simple things in my life that remind me of just how precious the world around me is...

Hello readers! I have had a very busy summer so far and it has been difficult to blog lately, but I will do my best to write. :) 

Lots of downtime in the hammock. Best. Summer. Thing. Ever.

Pre-K Graduation

Parker and Mrs. Cook

Mark sprucing up my "new" guitar. It was a great find at a garage sale. :)

Kenmore's Farmers Market, Kenmore NY

My love bears are a big hit at the Farmers Market, Kenmore NY

New painting completed. Read about it here

Some commission work completed, just needs to be framed.

plaques are available for purchase - custom orders

Fireworks at Kenmore Days, Kenmore NY

And the thing that took up most of my downtime, my website! Check it out and please share it with others. 

I also joined the Kenmore Art Society. I can't tell you how excited I am for the opportunity to meet fellow artists. :) 

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