Monday, August 13, 2012

Industrial Rustic

The hubby and I have always daydreamed about having an old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere, so when interest rates dropped again we captured our opportunity to make that dream come true. We placed a bid on a home that has approximately ten acres of land and our bid was accepted. Of course I  immediately began to space plan and design the new home. I'm thinking that an industrial rustic style will fit the space very well. We won't close on our new home until October. Since I can't do any designing until then, I'll share with you some industrial rustic styles from Houzz.

I ♥ these chairs! 
A most definite with my refinished dining table in the new home.

We have exposed brick in our new home, I ♥ the wooden shelves against the brick. 
The large table/island is the perfect too.

Ceiling is gorgeous! 

Barn sliding have my ♥

Sliding door, white walls, and the wood beams are simply stunning.

In the master bedroom we have a wood plank wall. It is a little dark and I'm considering painting it white. Those beds are too darn cute. :)

Our fireplace is brick(from the 1860s) and I won't change that but I would like to add a surround in metal with some old reclaimed wood. 

The mix of textures and elements in this kitchen keep it interesting and warm.

♥ the open floor plan

Cute fabrics.

I adore these metal doors. 
I know I can squeeze them in my place somewhere. 

In our new kitchen we have a space that has a brick wall (the back side of the fireplace for the living room). I am determined to put a wine rack on that wall.

Reclaimed wood walls. Perfect.

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  1. Love this!! I can't wait to see the real deal! I've always wanted a large old farmhouse on land also and compromised with a half acre and large forest behind us but I will live my dream vicariously through you ;-)