Saturday, November 15, 2014

Building Spelunking done wrong.

Spot Coffee, Buffalo NY

A few weeks ago, Mark and I decided to have a date "day" instead of a date night. Our plan? To explore an old, abandoned building. So, we packed ourselves up and set off on our adventure.

Here is what you shouldn't do if you are going to "explore" an old, abandoned building:

1. Don't go during the day, during the week.
This was my first time and I was terrified scared. I scare easily and I just spent last year watching American Horror Story Season 2 Asylum (I know, I'm way behind), so I know exactly what happens in a decrepit, ghost-ridden building. It was bad enough that the interior was going to be dark and creepy, I most certainly did not need the outside world to be dark and creepy too. The problem with daytime exploration is that people are out and about, you know, working and stuff. They see you. They ask you questions. They want to know what you are doing on private property. They follow you in there big, work trucks to be sure you don't come back. It is all very complicated. Go at night.

2. Don't wear bright red sweatpants when trying to enter an old, abandoned building during the daytime.
Again, this was my first time, you know, breaking and entering (which never happened so just relax). Wear all black or brown.

3. Don't pick a building that is near a populated area. 
See number 1 above.

Anyway, despite our failure to actually do any building spelunking, we had a great date day. We walked some pretty trails during a beautiful season, we ate good food, we laughed, and best of all we were together.

Tifft Nature Preserve, Buffalo NY

I see a face, do you?
Tifft Nature Preserve, Buffalo NY

Spot Coffee, Buffalo NY

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