Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Hitchhiker WIP

I have been busy lately and haven't been able to do much drawing. So this morning I decided that instead of doing the usual cleaning up the house work, I would get busy on the Hitchhiker. I also carved out a little bit of time to do some reading from Taproot, a wonderful, ad-free magazine filled with stories, poems, art, and crafts.

I should start everyday this way. <-Wishful thinking.

My experience drawing beards is very limited. I found several great tutorials for drawing facial hair, now I have to put that knowledge to paper. Eeek! I'm nervous! 

Notice the left eye, yeah, I overworked the paper. I shouldn't have drawn him on sketch pad paper, there isn't any substance to it and I like to erase, a lot. I'm not too worried about it though. You don't notice it as much in person, it is far more noticeable in a photo. Lesson learned. :) 

I'm thinking about making him a smoker. What do you think he is... a pipe or cigarette smoker?

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