Friday, May 3, 2013

Farm Living is the life for me?

Just a few things I've noticed since moving to our farm house in November. Keep in mind, I'm a city girl through and through so what might seem trivial to you was most likely a very BIG deal to me. :)

1. There are a lot more bugs in the country than in the city. Even during the winter months, there are bugs, and they seem to be BIGGER.

b. The average body size of a basement spider is approximately the size of a quarter. I don't think that they are made any smaller than that in the country. They are big, hairy, and black. They love to sleep in the dirty clothes in the basement and that is why my husband does the laundry now. These are the kind of spiders that crunch when you squash them. My cats are afraid of them.

- The air in the country smells (often) of cow poop. It's true. This isn't a complaint, I actually do not mind the smell. It reminds me of when I was young and we would all climb into the family station wagon and drive through the countryside for fresh fruits and veggies from the farmer stands. Every time we passed grazing cows my dad would remark, "Ah, smell that fresh country air."  

I like the smell of skunk too. I know, it's weird.

45. Wind gusts in the country are triple strength of those in the city. When you live on an open field in the country, there is no such thing as a breeze. There are two wind speeds, no wind or hurricane status.
Photo Credit: Natural Creations

A.) It is incredibly quiet. I ♥ the quiet.

#6. My morning view is stunning. Each morning I wake to cows grazing in the field and a beautiful sunrise. In the early hours, I can hear a rooster crow. It is a beautiful way to wake up.

II. Worms. Oh my, the amount of worms in our driveway when it rains is unbelievable. I don't want to step on the little guys (or drive over them) so it is really hard for me to get into my car and out of my driveway in the mornings.

(e) There don't seem to be as many bunnies as there were in the city, that is probably because of the hawks that patrol the fields. I miss the bunnies, but to make up for missing bunnies, the country has given me turkey vultures to watch. I ♥ my turkey vultures. They are most ugly but super cute at the same time. They perch themselves on top of our silo, and when I approach them they extend their wings to make themselves look more intimidating. Silly birds.

V. The darkness. The country doesn't have light pollution. It gets crazy dark, just blackness all around. The exception? The stars. They shine bright and clear and there are so many of them.


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