Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Home

NOTE: This blog entry is from July 2011 - I had to delete the entry and start it over so the dates are incorrect. 

Finally, I made some progress with my refinishing adventure. As much as I love the results, I did not enjoy the hot, sticky summer days of scraping layers of paint. All the paint had to be removed from the wood whether the wood was going to be painted or stained because it was chipping off in large, hard pieces. If I had tried to paint over the old, chipped paint, it would eventually pull away from the wood and I would have the same problem all over again. I am terrible about remembering to take photographs of my projects before I start them so the photos below are of the hallway at the very start of the stripping process.


The woodwork on our second floor, where this area is located, is pine. The woodwork on our first floor and our staircase is oak. This was typical construction for older homes as most people did not see the upstairs rooms, so to save on cost, the more expensive wood was used in the rooms that would receive guests. I chose to use the same stain on all the wood to keep the look throughout the house consistent. Pine is a soft wood and so the stain doesn't absorb evenly. Needless to say, it took some finesse to stain these pieces, but it was so worth it!


I am very pleased with the results. The clean look of the white paint against the rich, deep stain color gives the space a classy but comfy feel. I will be adding some more details (new artwork, pillows, wallpaper, etc) to this space in the months to come so stay tuned!

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