Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY: Reuse project

Last year we purchased a new gazebo for our backyard because the old one was torn and broken. However, the metal panels of the old gazebo were in good shape and I hated to throw them out so I decided to integrate them into our landscaping.

There are eight pieces in total, the plan is to pair them up and use them as unique trellises throughout my gardens.

First, touch them up with a bit of black paint.

Second, place them throughout the yard.

Two for the clematis vine.

Two attached to the porch to support the grape vine.

I think they work well as trellises and a decorative back drop in the gardens.  A fabulous reuse! :)

The other two pair will be placed on the opposite side of the house (once that is landscaped) and behind the house flanking the back door. Pictures to come when finished.

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