Friday, April 13, 2012

It is time for some spring design.

Springtime encourages us to evaluate how we live. With longer days and warmer nights comes our desire to declutter our minds and refreshen our homes so that we can enjoy the simple pleasures of the new season. Below are some handy tips to organize and rejuvenate your space.

-Pack away half of the toys that your children own and put them away. 
The warmer days will keep your little ones busy outside and there isn't such a demand to entertain them indoors. Once they tire of those toys, switch them out with the ones that are in storage. It is like a fun shopping spree without spending any money. I do this little trick all year long.

-Go through your winter outerwear and heavy blankets.
Pack away any unwanted clothing and linens to be donated to a local shelter in the fall when the need is high. Keep a box or bag in your closets to toss unwanted items for donation.

-Use a squeegee when washing windows. 
It makes the chore much easier and it is fun too! Using a sponge, first rub away the dirt with soap and water, then squeegee the window from top to bottom.

-Don't make an entire day of de-cluttering and organizing. 
Dedicate 30 minutes 2-3 times a week to organizing. Make quick decisions about the items you want to keep and those you want to donate or throw away.

-Take down the winter drapes.
 Replace heavy drapes with some sheer panels to let the sun shine through.

-Bring in the white. 
White freshens a space. Consider painting a wall white, adding white accent tables to a space, or adding a piece of white upholstered furniture to a room, update your bed linens to white.

-Change your artwork, accessories, and area rugs.
Lighten and brighten your spaces with new accessories. Switching some of your artwork with mirrors can help reflect light throughout your space.

-Replace one piece of furniture.
A new side chair or small sofa with modern floral prints or bright colors really enhance a room and change its atmosphere.

Click on the images below for some spring inspiration.

Modern Eclectic
Chic Beach
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